Reflections on returning to studio life

And where is everyone? That was my initial thought when I first entered our studio after a year and half of working from home. It was 8am, so I could have expected that not many would be waiting for the door to open at that time, however, hours passed and it was still just aContinue reading “Reflections on returning to studio life”

Transforming the nature of Architecture degree shows – How WSA Student Show 21′ evolved into a student-led exhibition

Belief, bravery, confidence and four months of our life – that is what we committed ourselves to be able to make this year’s student show. We all shared the hope to be making something different. To reshape the student culture of this country. To take on a role to reform the way our work andContinue reading “Transforming the nature of Architecture degree shows – How WSA Student Show 21′ evolved into a student-led exhibition”

We need to learn from the Greeks to how to live outdoors

It is around 2.45 pm and as I am slowly finishing my wine – made by the restaurant that I am currently sitting in – I cannot help to notice how slow everything is. Of course, it is siesta time. People take a step back here. Allow themselves a break to enjoy the moment. CretanContinue reading “We need to learn from the Greeks to how to live outdoors”

Did we all just dehumanise ourselves?

When you walk, you certainly spend time looking downwards. It is almost a machinery movement that you see. Moving to develop, to maintain, to be. As you look around, you see the same machinery movement all around you. Everyone is following the same steps as you are. Only the pace differs. We are all programmedContinue reading “Did we all just dehumanise ourselves?”

Where do lights go when the sun rises?

Soft, brightening. We are counting on lights existence as they have always been with us. Light is an invention that is highly overlooked without considering its impact on our cities, workspace, home and everyday being. They are almost felt to be in our way. (At least for professional photographers and tourists.) One could say thatContinue reading “Where do lights go when the sun rises?”

Poetic exploration in design

We are all interconnected by the beauty of storytelling. We are touched by seeing a dog walking with one of his legs being hurt. We stop when a child falls when taking a couple of cautious steps forward. And we share these memories that we experienced. Either it being a success or something hurtful, weContinue reading “Poetic exploration in design”

In search for ‘A Place of my Own’ – Reflections on Michael Pollan’s writing and the reimagined city

We all do from time to time retain to our peace, where we refresh our selves. We prefer to call it ‘our space’ referring the physical bubble that is formed around us. Although, the word ‘space’ justifies a much clearer essence that we all prefer to secretly hide away from everyone. Michael Pollan talks aboutContinue reading “In search for ‘A Place of my Own’ – Reflections on Michael Pollan’s writing and the reimagined city”

A guide to my city, Budapest

Slowly take your paceRelax and open your eyesWidely That’s how I begin my journey as I slowly walk from Lehel square in direction of Nyugati. The beauty of the city already hits me. It being possible to walk everywhere through stairs leading you through underground passages – one’s where you close all your senses –Continue reading “A guide to my city, Budapest”

An unexpected recognition – entering a competition without a conscious direction

Debates, long conversations, good laughs, misunderstandings, long nights and days and common cooking. Doing a competition is almost like a summer camp with the beauty of architecture slowly overtaking forming an inevitable field of a battles with opposing views. It requires patience and openness. Once it is achieved though, a new understanding and new perspectiveContinue reading “An unexpected recognition – entering a competition without a conscious direction”

Let’s stop the hustle for individual goals

Loneliness. Questions constantly bumping. Confusion. Why am I doing this? I would like to give up. It is scary to think how many of us suffer with thoughts like this throughout our academic and professional career. Covid-19 has increasingly installed this anxious, lonely feeling inside us that wants to get out but it keeps movingContinue reading “Let’s stop the hustle for individual goals”