Zsófi Veres

MArch1 Architecture student at WSA | HTA Design Part 1 Architecture Assistant


Zsófi is just about to start MArch1 at Cardiff University and is passionate about designing with a creative and playful mindset that brings everyone together to share and develop a common understanding.

She is currently working as a Part 1 Architecture Assistant at HTA Design. Zsófi is involved in the urban design, master planning sector devoting her passion, creating socially responsive design.

She recently finished her BSc Architectural studies degree with First Class Honours (75%). She also has worked as the Digital Lead of the WSA Show 2022, co-ordinating curation and graphic design and focusing on web design. Previously, she has been a co-chair of the show leading curation.

She has experience in imagining scenarios for social and environmental sustainability through various workshops and competitions:

  • being nominated for the RIBA Bronze Medal (2022)
  • achieving Honorable mention (2021) with her team at the Re-imagining Regional Artefact concentrating on dementia
  • gaining publication at the virtual workshop of CAUKIN (2021) designing a Community Hall for Urata’s community
  • achieving publication and Honorable mention with her team at the Reimagining Musuems for Climate Action for COP26 focusing on social platforms for conversations

Originally from Hungary, she lives and studies in the UK. She is open for innovation, socially and environmentally sensitive design as well as interdisciplinary approaches. She loves books, running and enjoys cooking in her free time.


Casa delle Donne Castelfranco Veneto, 2022
RIBA Bronze Medal Nominee Architecture Design
Castelfranco Veneto, Italy

Forgot-Me-Not, 2021
Honourable Mention at Re-imagining Artefact Student Competition
London, UK

CAUKIN Urata’s Community Hall, 2021
Urata, Fiji

Global Dialogue Centre, 2020
Honourable Mention at Re-imagining Museums for Climate Action
Glasgow, UK


Zsófi is keen on collaborations and open for widening perspectives. Don’t hesitate in reaching out.


Casa delle Donne Castelfranco Veneto
May 2022

September 2021

Llandaff Theme Park
May 2021