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Think of those moments of joy that are refreshing and delightful. It might be a barbecue among relatives in the garden, a casual game with friends on the couch, a child laughing on the street or cycling down near the coast. Those gatherings, those seconds shared together are the ones we live for. The act of play is what joins us together into sharing these refreshing events of our lives. Let’s capture it!


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Social justice, gender, racial and ethnic equity, acceptance of disabilities and physical restrictions, homelessness and mental illnesses. These issues are constantly hidden behind economic and political decisions. Being considered as social norms that every human being is given. The right is not in their hands. There is a need for change. Sophiesticated Design gives a chance not just for hope, but belief in the better to come. All this through reinventing our current workings and challenging our perception of the ones left behind and struggling.


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Sophiesticated Blog is primarily focusing on describing and critically interpreting the experience of architecture while giving guidance on visiting cities. The blog also features photographs and sketches capturing the world we live in.


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Reflections on returning to studio life

And where is everyone? That was my initial thought when I first entered our studio after a year and half of working from home. It was 8am, so I could have expected that not many would be waiting for the door to open at that time, however, hours passed and it was still just a…

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Zsófi has just finished the 2nd year of her studies at Cardiff University and is passionate about designing with a creative and playful mindset that brings everyone together to share and develop a common understanding.

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Currently based in Cardiff (Wales), Milton Keynes (England) and Budapest (Hungary).